Casimir Effect

Watch some of my animations and learn about black holes at the same time

Why is time slower in rockets? A Sixty Symbols video featuring my animation.

New Numberphile video that I drew some banks and crooks for.


Posting this on tumblr. If you haven’t heard Tally Hall yet, check them out.

It’s October! Get ready for Halloween by watching my Tally Hall music video again. It has monsters in it.

I did a little bit of animation to help out with this Numberphile video. It’s a really great youtube channel about math, alongside Brady Haran’s other channels like Sixty Symbols and Periodic Videos.


Roboman is Damien Clarke, an old friend from Albinoblacksheep. He made Missile Game 3D, which has eaten many minutes of my life.

He also made this riff, which I tried to play above. The turtles helped.

Rebloggin’ myself to add that, since someone asked for the guitar tablature for this, here’s how I play it:

I’m sure it’s not exactly how Damien plays it, cuz I just played around and figured it out, but there you go. He makes it look easy, but I think it’s one of the harder things I’ve tried playing.

As for how to dance like the turtles, I can’t help ya.

Download the flash source file here.

Download the flash source file here.